Fire Alarm Systems: How to Avoid Additional Costs and Hassles

Fire Alarm systems

When it comes to installing or upgrading a fire alarm systems, as building owners and managers, you have responsibilities that last far beyond the initial design and installation. From routine maintenance and testing to upgrades and replacements, various costs can add up over time and impact your bottom line. In this newsletter, we’ll examine some ways to lessen these expenses while ensuring your building’s safety and compliance.

At Life Safety, we know Fire and Security systems inside and out because it’s what we do. And in this newsletter, we’ll explore the often-overlooked topic of the hidden costs of fire alarm systems. We partner with clients long-term, serving as a single source for fire and life safety system design, installation, inspection, monitoring, maintenance, service, and repair.

The Hassles

Maintenance – Fire alarm systems in commercial buildings require regular maintenance to ensure they function correctly. This is often a time-consuming and expensive process, requiring the services of a professional. Testing, repairs, and upgrades are necessary to ensure that a system functions properly and complies with safety regulations. Maintaining commercial fire alarm systems can be challenging for building owners and managers. In addition to the system’s complexity, ever-changing regulations can pose numerous challenges and possible headaches.

Inspections – A commercial fire alarm systems inspection can be a challenge for building owners and managers. A state-licensed professional must perform inspections, which can take time and be costly. The building owner or manager is responsible for promptly ensuring that any repairs or upgrades are made if any issues arise during the inspection. This can create added stress and expenses as it requires budgeting for unexpected repair costs.

Repairs – Unexpected repairs for a fire alarm systems can be another complicated and costly process. It is imperative to have a plan for handling these repairs to minimize downtime and ensure the safety of building occupants. 

Testing – To ensure the safety of building occupants and compliance with safety regulations, fire alarm systems must be tested regularly. In addition to identifying any issues with the system, regular testing allows for any necessary adjustments to be made before an emergency occurs. Fire alarm systems should be tested and inspected regularly by a qualified technician. The system components, including smoke detectors, control panels, and alarms, will be tested to ensure their functionality.

Scheduling – Scheduling tests and inspections of a commercial building’s fire alarm system can be a severe hassle for building owners and managers. Different components and systems have different test and inspection schedules, and coordinating when and what to test can be time-consuming and complicated. Juggling various service providers to handle these tasks can be time-consuming and costly.

The Solution: The One Plan

At Life Safety, we know fire alarm systems services. It’s what we do. And we wanted to help customers with a plan that could address their long-term fire safety needs. So whether we’re installing your system or you have an existing system, you still need a plan to help support you over the lifespan of your building. And this is where the One Plan comes in.

Life Safety is here to simplify things by taking the stress out of maintaining and monitoring your fire and life safety system with our One Plan! The One Plan provides a fire and life safety inspection, maintenance, and repair plan. The One Plan includes all necessary repairs, updates, and testing for one flat monthly fee, with no hidden costs or additional fees for parts or labor. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free experience, leaving you with one bill and one less headache to manage. Trust us to care for all your fire and life safety needs under one roof with Life Safety’s One Plan.

Life Safety partners with our clients for the long term, serving as their single source for fire and life safety system design, installation, inspection, monitoring, maintenance, service, and repair.

For more information about the One Plan, contact Life Safety Fire and Security Solutions at 1-800-263-1116. Headquarters at Buffalo, New York

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