How to Save Money On Managing Fire and Life Safety Systems: Life Safety’s One Plan

Fire and Life Safety Systems

Fire and life safety systems are an essential and necessary tool for any business, and like any sophisticated technology, require ongoing maintenance and management. Undeniably, this can become a huge burden to any business trying to manage high and unexpected costs, billing unpredictability, and more. At Fire and Life Safety Systems, we knew there had to be a better way to help customers meet their needs while reducing costs and hassle.

We Developed the Solution

After analyzing the needs of our customers, we developed a real solution to overcome the challenges faced in fire and life safety systems management and maintenance, The One Plan. The ONE Plan is an all-inclusive fire and life safety systems monitoring, inspection, and maintenance plan that removes the high cost, hidden fees, and ongoing burden of maintaining a security in fire and life safety systems in one simple, and economical plan. With ONE, you are never hit with unexpected repair costs or billed extra for parts and labor. 

We Include Maintenance

One of the ways our plan is unique is that it includes regular maintenance, parts, labor, testing, inspections and repairs for One Low Fixed Price, for significantly increased savings. Included scheduled testing with repairs eliminates the possibility of costly fines and accidents while assuring code compliance. 

What are the advantages?

  • All repairs are included!
  • No charges to fix deficiencies or other problems that arise during the year.
  • Each location has a fixed monthly charge that is 100% predictable.
  • Data management on all assets, inspection schedules, and detailed review of all inspection reports, management of deficiency and impairment corrections, and more!
  • Reduced burden for on-site personnel.
  • Consolidated monthly invoices eliminates time wasted reviewing proposals and invoices for every visit to each location
  • Deficiencies often fixed at the time of inspection.
  • Fire and Life Safety Systems are maintained within design parameters that satisfy fire marshals, water authorities and other AHJs.
  • We train site personnel on the proper use of equipment during inspection, satisfying all OSHA requirements (OSHA 1910.157 and 1910.160).
  • Quibble-free compliance guaranty!

We Even Bundle Central Station Monitoring

We help our customers save even more with the ONE Plan’s exclusive free monitoring by the highest certified central station. The ONE Plan includes our UL Listed, Factory Mutual Certified, IQ and SIA Certified monitoring service. The plan also includes installing Cellular Dialers to eliminate phone lines saving between $100 and $300 per location every month!

  • Monitoring via two mirrored central stations offering full redundancy in communications, computer network and emergency power. 
  • Advanced telecommunications support, network connectivity, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS).
  • UL listed cellular dialer eliminates any cybersecurity threats into client IT networks and reduces the need for phone lines, realizing significant savings.

24/7/365 Access 

Another feature our customers appreciate is full and easy access to their accounts. ONE provides 24/7/365 access to client portal via a mobile app or desktop app, providing access to site history, signals details, putting the system on test, as well as auto-generated reports based on client requirements.


At Life Safety, we want our customers to be able to access the best services and technologies at the very best prices over the life of their systems, for real, no gimmick savings. Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. We think  our customers are worth going the extra mile. Call us for more information. 800-263-1116

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