Facility Managers: What to Consider in Fire Safety Systems

Fire Safety


Fire safety and life safety systems are an important consideration in commercial properties. Not only are these systems required by local, state and national fire codes, but their implementation is also critical in protecting life and keeping fire damage limited to the area of origin; however, these systems are complex and require many components to provide proper levels of safety.

As a facility manager, here are the major fire system components of which you should be aware.

Alarm and Detection

Early detection and warning are crucial in any fire event. To facilitate this, every building should have smoke and fire alarms. These alarms detect the presence of smoke or fire and provide an audible and visual alert signifying a need to exit the building immediately.

Fire Safety Protection Systems and Backflow Preventers

The next critical element in a fire safety system is suppression. Sprinklers or fire protection systems activate at the presence of fire to prevent the fire from spreading and causing further risk to human life or property. A backflow preventer is a device that is installed on the sprinkler system so that water will be able to go through it in one direction only. This one-way direction for the water flow is important to maintaining a clean water supply and preventing contamination.

Professional Alarm Monitoring

An integrated security system and monitoring are also important to your fire system. In the event of a fire emergency, a monitored alarm system helps facilitate quick notification to fire authorities and emergency response personnel.

Emergency Exit Lighting

Emergency lighting helps provide lighting in an emergency, illuminating pathways to the exit so occupants can find their way out safely.

Fire Extinguishers

Even if a structure has a fire protection system, you still need to have fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers provide an accessible tool to extinguish a small fire immediately before they have a chance of getting out of control.

Knowing, understanding and staying in compliance with fire regulations is a huge burden for facility managers. Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Life Safety’s customized fire solutions can keep your properties safe and compliant. Call us today to learn more about our solutions at 800-263-1116.

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